Exterior Patio

So as I plan this restaurant out I get more and more excited. We are far from opening and really just in a planning stage. One thing I love is coming up with unique ideas to incorporate into our restaurant.

In our opening Journey blog, we discussed some of the things we would like to incorporate into our location. Things like the interior built with replica like elements of our surrounding area. That dream list is getting longer with some pretty cool ideas.

Menu and drink items we will be posting for feedback. I think you’ll like some of our unique dishes and drinks.

This post I wanted to focus on the exterior of the restaurant. As I initially mentioned I plan on having a large seating area outdoors. I’m talking 50+ seats in an enclosed seating area. In this area we plan on having a large water feature either feeding into or receiving water from our mini Boise River flowing through the restaurant. Rather we can incorporate the interior water element or not is up in the air, but never the less outside will have a killer water feature.

The patio will be a stained concrete slab which will have heating/cooling plumbed into the floor for radiant temperature control. to give our patrons a comfortable and stable seating are without wobbly tables J

Even though were planning on an enclosed patio, the closure will be retractable so on nice days we can have an open air environment. Sounding sweet yet? Yeah we can’t wait!

As we plan every aspect I started think about areas that could really draw attention and make our restaurant unique. One area I found that will really help setup our exterior and our water feature, is the roof and gutter system. I know, you’re probably asking how can that be exciting?  It’s the details that matter and believe me this is going to POP!

So the building that we’re likely going into will need a new roof so I wanted to find a way to have that stand out. Here’s what I’m thinking. A black composite roof, I would have like a cedar shake roof but the fire risk is too high. So, a black composite roof with a copper gutter system. The copper will be shinning up there around the border. I think it will be perfect with our modern western theme.

Here’s the kicker though and the WOW factor.

I came across this picture on pintrest of a copper water wheel and got super excited. I visualize this but much bigger within our water feature on the patio with a big thick gutter chain running water onto the wheel. Since it doesn’t rain much in Boise and to keep the wheel going when it’s not raining we’ll have to plumb some water up top. But, when its raining and the water runs through the chain and powers the wheel, that’s gonna be awesome!

Water Wheel

I got so excited in fact I started reaching out to gutter contractors here in Boise Idaho and talk with one guy at Gutter Boise. We went back and forth a couple time with e-mails, pictures and ideas. Long story short it sounds like they will be able to help make this even better than I envisioned. They were also able to provide me some pricing on the entire copper gutter system.

They were supper helpful, I’d encourage you check them out at www.gutterboise.com if your needing any gutter cleaning or installation work done here in town.


Things are coming together and the vision starting to become clear :0

Please let us know what you think of my ideas for the patio and exterior, so far.

We’ll be posting more on the exterior and the other subjects in the next several days and months, so stay tuned and follow our journey!

Our Journey

Thanks again for checking our site out our blog as we walk through the journey of opening Magnums Prime Steak House.

As our plans and our building comes together we will be keeping this blog updated. We would love to hear from all of you on our various posts. We’ll be posting menu items and ideas and would love feedback from our future customers on likes and dislikes.

Not to worry we have some killer drinks lined up and are always open to trying your cocktail receipt. Who knows we may even put it on our menu 🙂

Another cool thing this blog will be used for is to journal our ideas and progress as we go. We have many great ideas on the layout and environment we want to create. Overall it will be a casual Big City Western theme. We don’t want a stuffy environment where food is overpriced and the staff is stuffy. We want to build an environment to match Boise and the great outdoors around us. We’ll build local elements into the interior, possibly a mini Boise River running through the restaurant? We have some very cool ideas to really make this restaurant a tribute to the Boise Idaho area.

The exterior will have a very inviting modern yet western surroundings. We’re probably not going to have live Chickens or Pheasants but maybe some very cool replica’s poking around? A sweet landscape that’s inviting and a large enclosed patio for everyone to enjoy. The roof is probably going to need replaced along with the gutter system so we’re looking at ways to enhance that as well.

We’ll be posting a number of ideas and items here in the next couple of days. Again, we would love to hear your thoughts as we go.

Coming Soon!

Welcome to our new website! We are excited to launch this in preparation for a fantastic new restaurant coming to the Boise, ID area. Magnums Prime Steakhouse is a super casual dinning experience with five star eats and treats. We will feature only the finest meats and most delicious appetizers and trust us the drink menu will be unique and very tasty! Our restaurant is still in the build out phase and will we will soon reveal the location over the next several months. So be patient with us, we promise you’ll love the food and the environment.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress as we go so stay tuned!